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The Core team

We are openmindend, service-oriented developers that value communication and keeping you as a customer engaged throughout the process. Our background is split among a multitude of genres and development enviornments. We enjoy games from many different sectors, everything from casual to "hardcore".

Twoorb Studios is located in the northern parts of Sweden in Lycksele. We have quickly grown from just two founders, hiring two additional programmers and we also have several artists working remotely.
Jan Johansson
Co-founder and lead programmer, 28 years of age. Have been working professionally with game development for around 7 years and has a degree as a game programmer. Spent several years creating racing games, online scoring systems and tools before becoming a programming teacher for a year. After working on several projects remotely as a freelance programmer the big adventure Twoorb started!Visit my portfolio site
Jeanthie Gustafsson
Co-founder, game designer and project manager, 27 years of age. Have been working as project manager and QA for several titles for mobile devices, such as Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS/3DS and iOS, Furiae for NDS is one of the titles. With a solid foundation of leadership training and a degree as a game designer Jeanthie leads the workforce at Twoorb. Visit my portfolio site

Why choose us?


You will be involved throughout the project with daily and weekly meetings in conjunction with milestone deliveries. The key to success is your input!


We believe that with your ideas, great communication and our skill set the end result will be exactly what you want. For us, you as a customer and your wishes is what is most important!


Depending on your knowledge level of technical and/or game design, creating a product from an idea might seem like a huge undertaking. We offer more then just development and can help you get your vision onto paper as a first step towards a finished product!


It is your vision! We will provide you with feedback and our technical knowledge to provide you with the tools to turn your vision into reality!

Swedish Workmenship

We aren't IKEA, you do not have to put it togheter by yourself using 6000 parts. You get a complete product that we feel proud of handing over to you!

Project Overview

Throughout the project you will have access to our planning tool and be able to track the progress of your project, you can provide feedback on specific tasks, add information about new directions and more!


We use a model in which you own 100% of everything that was created during the development of your product, everything from documentation and code to concept art and 3D models! It's yours!

Fast and Diligent

From first contact to the final delivery milestone, we aim to work as efficient and thorough as possible! Contact us and get an first estimate on the cost and development time for your project.

External Tools

What happens when your product is completed and delivered? We aim to create systems that can be easiliy built upon for future releases but we also provide backend tools that allow you to update and alter your product without any involvment from us.


  • Tiki Taka Soccer

    Tiki Taka Soccer is a 2D football game with controls and gameplay designed specifically for the touchscreen. Take a team to the peak of club football earning cash and experience to improve both your team and your management abilities.

    Platform: iOS / Android

    • Real-time football simulation
    • Solid backend for teams, players and control of game engine
    • In-app purchase
    • Twitter/Facebook connection

  • Kiragon

    3vs3 MOBA game in 2D with focus on spell combinations, teamwork and tactics! Players customize their spells and join up to battle in an arena against an other team, the team with the most magic points at the end wins!

    Platform: Web

    • Real-time multiplayer using PlayerIO
    • Customizable character spells
    • Solid backend for level creation/integration
    • Friends / Party / Chat
  • Trivia Trophy

    Trivia Trophy combines the classic questionnaire with tile matching gameplay. Answer as many questions correct as you can to gain bonus time in the tile matching round. The twist in the gameplay is that the entire board can be scrolled in four directions! The game is currently only available in german, but is about to be translated into multiple languages.

    Platform: iOS / Android / Facebook / Web

    • Match-gems gameplay
      with a scrollable board
    • Facebook connection
    • Extensive administration tool for questions, categories, information, sessions, statistics and more
  • Bawdy of Knowledge

    A fun and exciting multiplayer word search game based on the Bawdy Language book by Lawrence Paros. The word origins of curse words, sex slang words and profanity.

    Platform: iOS / Android / Web

    • Hangman inspired trivia gameplay
    • Asynchronous multiplayer
    • Leaderboards
    • In-app purchase
    • Facebook connection
    • Administration tool for questions, categories and statistics
  • Might of Ancient Remnants

    Might of Ancient Remnants is a MOBA game with support for up to 3vs3 battles. The game also has a singleplayer survival mode, 3 playable characters with a skill tree setup containing 6 skills for each character. Visit moaronline.com for more information.

    • Real-time Multiplayer using Photon
    • Singleplayer Survival
    • 3 Playable characters
    • 6 Abilities per character


With a wide knowledge base, stretching from web and database coding to creating 3D games on multiple platforms, we can provide you with the technical knowhow to bring your ideas to life.  Technical design and guidance is also provided if needed.
We offer you design support throughout the entire development process, suggestions, explanations or what else might be needed. This of course is only if you want or need the help, we would not impose or try to change your vision. It is important to us that you feel in control of your own project, after all we are only here to help!
We have several great artists with 2D-, 3D-, animation-, and concept skill sets that do consultant jobs for rapid response work on our projects. Our current plan is to hire and maintain at least one permanent position for an artist doing exclusive work on our projects.
We have much experience with quality assurance on all platforms we offer development on. Using bug tracking software to structure the communication between testers and developers to make the process run smoothly and without unnecessary hiccups.
Click on a service below to select it
Game Development
We provide services based on the experience and need of the customer. If you are in need of a complete service from idea to end product we can do that. If you already have a complete concept and the necessary documentation we will be happy to work from there, or if you are in need of technical or general guidance on how to take your concept to the next level so production can start, we do that too. Contact us and tell us about your specific position and needs and we will find a solution!
Rapid Prototyping
Developing an entire concept from beginning to end can be an expensive journey, issues may arise during the process which requires additional time and money to handle. These issues can be minimized using rapid prototyping of specific components in a game or application. Does the design on paper work as intended in reality? Using rapid prototyping, you can lower the end cost, make changes early in the development cycle, and get a broader view of the end product.
PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Playstation Mobile and Web/Facebook are all platforms that we can get your product onto, with a low overhead cost in development. Most work that is needed to support multiple platforms are code and graphical fixes for restrictions based on performance and resolution. Other aspects such as input (mouse/keyboard, gamepad, touch) are also an important factor to design around.
New Content
Do you have a great game already and need to expand? New graphical content, improve old features, develop new features or perhaps build new levels using old content? We are open to work with strict guidelines or if you like, an artistic freedom on our side, whichever route you chose we can work with any concept and genre.
Application Development
The application market is growing fast and we can help you be a part of it! We provide the same assistance here as with all of our other services, to guide and assist you in making the best apps possible.
Moving your existing application or game into a new market is a great way to generate additional income and reaching a wider customer base. By using existing content and feature set, the production cost and time is lowered since there is a complete product to use as a guideline.
Web Development
In need for a new or updated website? By using Wordpress as a base we can quickly produce an extendable site that you can maintain without the need to be an experienced web developer. We also provide solutions based on other systems or, if you prefer, a system built from the ground up using PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS. Websites, leaderboards, administration tools, visualization, and more. All of our web services can be integrated into a game or application as well.
Unity Plugin
Are you in need of specialized code for your Unity game? We can create plugins that are easy to use and well documented. Everything from adding support for large systems such as Amazon web services and Google API's to small utility systems that improves your development pipeline. On a multitude of platforms, no task is to small or to big!
Other Services
If you have a project in mind that does not fit into any of the categories or can not be stretched over several, don't hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution or at least point you in the right direction!


PC / MAC / Web
Classic desktop gaming, which can also be played in the web browser!
iOS is the operating system that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. We develop games for all iOS powered devices, retina and non-retina displays.
Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It's the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast.
Windows Phone
Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continues to grow, although on an as-yet small base, but is currently the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform.
Playstation Mobile
PlayStation® Mobile is a new initiative to deliver PlayStation® content on open operating system-based portable devices. PlayStation™ Certified devices (phones and tablets) and the PlayStation® Vita system.
Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming.

Our approach

Unity3D gives us an extendable production pipeline and enables us to quickly create your vision, it's a growing engine which adds new features and possibilities both through updates of the engine itself and through efforts of 3rd party developers.

Click here to read more.

For creating 3D assets and animations we mainly use Maya and 3ds Max. We have consults that specialize in MotionBuilder as well. For sculpting and texture painting Mudbox is our weapon of choice.

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Visual Studio
Microsoft provides a great development environment which is compatible with Unity3D. We also use Visual Assist, a 3rd party developer add-in, which provides extra power in the form of syntax coloring, refactoring and more!

Click here and here to read more

Project management is very important, we use Hansoft to plan and make sure that each project run as smoothly as possible. We can coordinate each developers workload, catch and handle issues very early and easily monitor the entire development process. In short it boost productivity!

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We mainly use Photoshop for creating 2D asset (User interface elements, texturing of 3D models, conceptual design, etc). For creating vector graphics we use Illustrator.

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Perforce is a software management tool, keeps all of our developers synchronized. We keep all of our data in the cloud, ensuring a recent backup of all projects located off-site.

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Our clients

  • Twoorb Studio's developed our Unity based soccer game Tiki Taka Soccer and supporting technologies. At every deadline we asked ourselves if the work was to an exceptional standard and if the working relationship allowed us to create the vision of the game. Twoorb surpassed our expectations at every stage. Game designs were understood and implemented and when problems occurred elegant solutions were created. The best reference we can give is we have returned to Twoorb to complete the full version of Tiki Taka Soccer without hesitation.
    - Tim Constant, Panicbarn
  • It was a joy working with Twoorb. They are a highly professional operation, creative, and technologically knowledgeable. They are generous with their time and always available for consultation. They work hard to insure the client's wishes are met and respond to their every request in a timely fashion.
    - Lawrence Paros, Kvetch Press
  • Twoorb Studios has developed our web- and mobile-game Trivia Trophy. The team has been extremely dedicated, friendly and helpful. Twoorb Studios kept their deadlines and stayed within the given budget. Overall we are very pleased with the development process and the result.
    - Christian Geltenpoth, Reachsome

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